Hamill House, 112-116 Chorley New Road


Greater Manchester




Role and Opportunity Details (To apply for this role you must be 18+)

Mentor (Supporting young people with autism or a learning disability in Wigan).

We are looking for volunteers, with a passion for making a difference in people’s lives, with a friendly and approachable attitude and an ability to engage young people and adults, empowering them to take steps towards improving their situation and achieving their goals.

The Greater Manchester Keyworker Team works across all Greater Manchester, supporting young people with autism and/or a learning disability.  These young people are or have been at risk of going into an inpatient setting due to their mental health. The service provides each family with a Keyworker, who creates a crucial care package to support the individual away from high risk and moving towards stability.  As a volunteer, you will be introduced as a young person begins the work of re-integrating themselves into their community, education, and preferred activities.

Activities that you may be required to do can vary from support with travel, attending social events/clubs/activities, accessing a young persons special interest, and emotional support and guidance.  You will also need to navigate our Vol 1 E-Platform to record your hours.


Specific Skills Required

  • Reliable, punctual and trustworthy.
  • Approachable and welcoming.
  • The ability to empathise with children, who may be facing difficult times in their lives.
  • Awareness of factors impacting on and issues facing young people (e.g. Disadvantage, poverty, disabilities, health conditions including mental health).
  • Being passionate about making a difference in the lives of children, young people and families.


Benefits of Volunteering with this organisation

  • Full induction and training.
  • Other training opportunities relevant to the volunteer role.
  • Regular supervision and support.
  • Out of pocket expenses agreed in advance.
  • Access to the Barnardo’s internal vacancy listing.
  • Our volunteers tell us about lots of other benefits of volunteering including; experience of working with children, young people and families;
    experience for your CV; supporting your local community; meeting new people; increasing self-confidence; feeling like you are making a
    difference; improving your health and wellbeing; and a chance to contribute to a worthwhile children’s charity.


Level of commitment required 

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity.


Date(s) / Time(s) Required

Monday – Sunday. Mornings, afternoon and evenings.


Volunteer Opportunity Number

VO10407 (please make a note of this ‘VO’ number if applying for this role).