Golborne Carnival

Legh Court

Legh St,





Role and Opportunity Details (to apply for this role you must be 14+ to apply for this role)

To support the annual Golborne carnival, that takes place on Legh Street, Golborne Sunday 2nd June, volunteer opportunities include:-

  • Litter picking the field the night before.
  • Litter picking throughout the day.
  • Helping with traffic management.
  • Helping to direct stall holders to their pitch.
  • Assisting on the tombola stall.
  • Helping to sell raffle tickets.
  • Checking that the bathrooms have toilet paper.
  • Ensuring that bins on site are not overflowing.
  • Distributing black bin bags to groups if required.
  • Litter picking after the event.


Specific Skills Required


A high viz jacket, gloves, relevant equipment if required will be provided.


Benefits of volunteering with this organisation

  • To have the experience of working on a large and popular event, getting to know what is required on the day to ensure that it is an enjoyable day.
  • To get more involved with the committee and the planning that goes into an event like this, we meet throughout the year.
  • This event attracts a large number of people living in the locality, it is an opportunity to bring the community together and to contribute with the time given for it to be a successful event.


Level of commitment required 

One Off Event.


Date(s) / Time(s) Required

1st June 2024, 6am – 7pm &  2nd June between 12.00 noon and 8pm.


Volunteer Opportunity Number

VO10397 (please take a note of this ‘VO’ number before applying for this role).