Wigan Council – Tenant Voice & Engagement Team
1 Library St


Role and Opportunity Details  (to apply for this role you must be aged 18+)

Scrutiny Pool Member

Our Scrutiny Pool members are known as Scrutineers.  If our Housing Advisory Panel want to find out more about a particular area of our business, they recruit members of the Scrutiny Pool to lend a hand.

As a scrutineer you will get the opportunity to –

  • Look really closely at how we work and take part in an in-depth review of our services.
  • Ask questions of our workforce
  • Attend meetings.
  • Delve deep into the inner workings of our organisation.
  • You will then report your findings back to our Housing Advisory Panel, who will feedback those findings to the Board and suggest ways we can do things better.


Specific Skills Required

Our ideal candidate –

  • Have experience in active community work, for example, this may be with tenant groups, sports clubs, faith groups, school groups and could be virtual communities.
  • Have experience of working as part of a team, for example, you may have been a committee member at a group or work with others to organise events.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills and the ability to influence and reach consensus in decision making.
  • Work with others effectively as part of a team.
  • Have the ability to plan ahead and to see the long-term implications of decisions made.
  • Be able to think creatively and generate innovative ideas to solve problems.
  • Have the ability to research and analyse information presented in a range of formats, to challenge in a positive, constructive, and supportive manner.
  • Embrace the digital age i.e., use of email, access to a computer etc.
  • An awareness of the issues facing tenants and prospective tenants of Wigan Council.


Benefits of Volunteering with this organisation

  • Wigan Council offer high quality volunteer opportunities.
  • Ensure you are valued and treated with respect throughout your time volunteering.
  • Provide ongoing advice, training and support for you and your Volunteer Manager.
  • Recognise your contribution.
  • Outline your skills and explore opportunities for development.


Level of commitment required 

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity.


Date(s) / Time(s) Required

Date and times arranged with individual members.


Volunteer Opportunity Number 

VO10339   (please make a note of this ‘VO’ number if applying for this role).