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Role and Opportunity Details  (You must be 18+ to apply for this role)

Safeguarding Lead and Mediator

We are looking for a second Safeguarding Lead separate from our main youth group who can offer an objective perspective on any safeguarding concerns within the organisation.

The Safeguarding Lead will communicate with young people involved in safeguarding concerns, monitor the safeguarding concern forms and reports, and make their own reports to the appropriate people and organisations, including other members of staff, the Children’s Safeguarding Board and the emergency services where appropriate.

The Safeguarding Lead will attend all Board Meetings which are held every two months to discuss ongoing safeguarding concerns.  They will work from home following up concerns reported via Google Form and communicate with young people on the Discord server when appropriate, for example to mediate or pass on updates from Social Services.

Previous experience, qualifications in Safeguarding and an updated DBS for working with children are desirable.  Updated NSPCC Safeguarding training can be provided if necessary.  Previous experience working with the LGBTQ+ community is preferred but not necessary.

We are a fun, engaging LGBTQ+ youth arts organisation based at The Turnpike in Leigh.  We are experiencing significant growth and are excited to introduce a new valued team member at this point in our journey.  We have a lot of fun and hope you will gain additional social benefits from the role too :).  Many of our staff are disabled and we are able to work with you with flexibility.


Specific Skills Required

  • Safeguarding.
  • Communication.
  • Working with young people.
  • Online communication.
  • Telephone.
  • Email.
  • Google Forms.


Benefits of Volunteering with this organisation

You will be having a direct impact on Safeguarding the lives of the many LGBTQ+ young people we support on a regular basis.  This could include mediating between friends who have fallen out, to communicating concerns with parents and carers, to reporting concerns to the Children’s Safeguarding Board.  You will watch as the young people grow and develop thanks to your input.  We can provide you with funded NSPCC Safeguarding training and other free training opportunities. We engage in volunteer and staff appreciation and social events and look forward to seeing you there!


Level of commitment required 

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity


Date(s) / Time(s) Required

Attendance at board meetings (Mondays, 6pm every two months), otherwise mostly flexible online working from home – urgent safeguarding concerns can and do happen at any time and these will need dealing with urgently and swiftly.


Volunteer Opportunity Number

VO10325    (please make a note of this ‘VO’ number if applying for this role).