Directions for Men

Penson Street Community Centre





Role and Opportunity Details (to apply for this role you must be 18+)

We are looking for men to facilitate our Wigan peer support men’s talking group.

These groups are designed to be there to support men who are struggling, through talking and sharing experiences.


Specific Skills Required

Any experience be it personal or professional, dealing with issues and pressure that men face would be a help but not essential, any man who has an open mind and just wanting to help and support the men would be ideal.


Benefits of volunteering with this organisation

  • Support from our leadership team and other stakeholders experienced facilitators.
  • A sense of purpose and giving back.
  • Develop and get experience in interpersonal skills and facilitating groups.
  • You have a chance to help someone who is struggling.


Level of commitment required 

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity.


Date(s) / Time(s) Required

Wednesdays 7pm to approximately 9pm.


Volunteer Opportunity Number

VO10288 (please make a note of the ‘VO’ number before applying for this role).