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Role and Opportunity Details (Age 18+)

Independent Visitors


What is an Independent Visitor?

Independent Visitors are adult volunteers who dedicate some of their spare time to support children and young people who are cared-for. An Independent Visitor can be life changing for a young person in care as they are a valuable consistent element of support.


The role of an Independent Visitor involves:

  • Visiting their matched child or young person once or twice a month for a few hours.
  • Building a relationship with a young person, at their pace, by actively listening to how they feel.
  • Helping them to develop their skills and interests.
  • Going on outings and activities with them.
  • Helping to support their long-term Care Plan

All adults who volunteer to be an Independent Visitor are carefully checked by Wigan Council and the Disclosure & Barring Service before being matched with a suitable young person.


Specific Skills Required

  • If you are an adult who is interested in being an Independent Visitor, you need some free time in your life to devote to a child or young person.
  • You need to have a genuine interest in helping young people, talking to them and developing a good relationship.
  • You may need patience and a sense of humour!
  • Due to the nature of this work, we cannot recruit volunteers who are elected councillors or work within social care.


Benefits of Volunteering with this organisation

The Independent Visitor Coordinator will provide –

  • Training
  • Ongoing support.
  • Will be available for any queries or concerns you may have.


Level of commitment required 

Independent Visitors are required to commit to at least a year with their young person, but the arrangement can continue if it is mutually agreeable.


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