Wigan Council – Tenant Voice & Engagement Team
1 Library Street


Role and Opportunity Details (Age 18+ can apply for this Role)

We’re looking for people to join our Readers’ Panel.

If there is one thing that unites us all – it’s the importance of good communication.

Reading some long-winded document full of jargon is enough to turn anyone off.

Gathering user feedback is an important aspect of our work as it allows us to ensure that our resources stay as useful and timely as possible.

Our reading panel helps to make sure we are communicating the best we can.

As a member of the readers panel, you will comment on printed material produced by us before it gets published.

We want you to be involved in helping us make sure our information is clear and user-friendly. It is important that we are using the right words, in the right way, to pass on information.

Once a document has been considered, and any necessary changes made, it can be published as being ‘tenant-tested’.

Panel members can be sent information such as leaflets and policies to read and comment on and would be asked to think about:

  • How information is worded
  • How its presented
  • Whether it answers the questions that you would ask.


You will:

As a member of the Tenant Readers’ Panel, we will contact you when we are updating our resources.

Documents will be sent to you by email or post, whichever you prefer along with a short questionnaire to complete. You will then be given a week to consider the questions and return your comments to us.

You can decide which documents you would like to comment on, you may have time constraints that mean you can only comment occasionally, or you may be able to comment on all documents.


Specific Skills Required

The Tenant Readers’ Panel requires no previous knowledge, you just need to be a tenant of Wigan Council.

We will be looking for your general impressions on the content, tone, layout and structure of our letters, guides and factsheets.


Benefits of Volunteering with this organisation

Being part of a lovely friendly team.

Expenses paid (Postage, Bus fares and car parking if required)


Level of commitment required 

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity


Date(s) / Time(s) Required

To be advised


Volunteer Opportunity Number